Method of Life

Cafh offers a practical method to expand our consciousness and to deepen our participation with all of life.


Awaken and connect
Upon waking up, be the first act to elevate our thoughts to the Divine and open ourselves to the great potential of love.

Meditate and pray
To meditate allows us to know ourselves and discover the inner strength of our soul.

Conscious eating
Try to eat moderately and healthfully.

Care of the body
Every morning we take care of our personal cleanliness and exercise our bodies.

Dialogue and relationships
We learn to dialogue and relate well with each other so that we may sow seeds of harmony wherever we go.

Mental and manual work
We work creatively and productively, caring for what we use, cleaning up after ourselves, and organizing our space.

Rest and healthy recreation
We enjoy moments of fun and recreation, taking care of nature’s heritage.

Reading and study
Choosing well what we read and study is useful for our mental, emotional, and spiritual development.

Retrospective Examination
To review what happened during the day helps us understand our experiences more clearly.
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Find out how to begin practicing the Method of Cafh

By making the effort to carry out what we have chosen to do with our lives, we form new habits. These new habits help us to be attentive, know ourselves better and expand our capacity to love, create, and work.

How do we integrate these habits into our lives?

To learn more about these tools, we meet regularly in small groups.

We practice exercises, study, and share ideas that we can apply in our daily lives.

The needs we perceive around us are the driving force that stimulate us to do this work.

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Improve your relationships with others by working in a group that values differences
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The ideas I received in Cafh guided me to gain awareness and perspective of the personal experiences I had to go through. I was filled with hope.


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