We offer free access to this valuable collection written by Jorge Waxemberg between 1947 – 2023. Jorge Waxemberg served as the director of Cafh from 1963 to 2005.

The collection is based on his life experience and in his reflection on the present possibilities of human beings, fostering wiser choices for our future.


Inner Life

Inner life is not limited to certain movements of our mind and heart. It is rather an awareness of being, knowing that any conquest will only be a rediscovery, but with the certainty that we will reach the goal we long for. Therefore, the main effort of our inner work is aimed at achieving unity between what we think, feel and do with what we want to do. Our inner life then becomes a progressive and expansive self-awareness, a new world that we can discover and conquer.

Living Consciously

A collection of essays covering diverse topics such as maintaining physical health or developing meaningful relationships. Within these pages, you will find concepts that, while they may seem simple, they could lead you to reflect deeply in the way that you see your connections.

Spiritual Life

If you would like to expand your understanding of spiritual life, this is a good finding. The author shows us that spiritual life does not consist of adhering to a doctrine, conforming to certain norms, or practicing specific exercises. Rather, spiritual life refers to our notion of being and existing, our vision of what we are in the context of eternal time and infinite space.

Renouncement and the Meaning of Life

Within these pages you will be invited to join a discussion inspired not only by intellectual curiosity but also by the vital need to find an answer to the question,”What is the meaning of life?”

The Crisis of Success

Finding a real solution to the problems and tragedies we ourselves generate is not easy. How to match the advancements made by current society with a common well being? And how to prepare ourselves for the future changes that we cannot yet foresee? The author explores these questions showing that each one of us bears the responsibility to awaken inwardly and expand our state of consciousness.

Words Matter

We don’t always realize that language is the basis of communication between us and that the way we use it shapes not only the nature of our relationships but also the quality of what we feel and generate as we live with others. The focus of this book is on reconsidering the value we give to what we say and understanding the impact we have with our way of speaking.

The Art of Living in Relationship

More than just a book to read, it’s a proposal to work on the system of relationships in which we recognize and develop ourselves. Working on relationships is a way to respond to the challenge posed by our ignorance regarding who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. Relationships connect us with all aspects of reality, even those we do not understand, and they mark paths through which we can expand our consciousness.

Mysticism and States of Consciousness

The author invites us to have the courage to realize that our way of being, thinking, and acting defines a state of consciousness associated with a mysticism that encompasses the entire system of human relations. Therefore, the concepts of mysticism addressed in this book do not refer solely to the relationship with God or the Divine, but start from my relationship with those beside me, and continue with my relationship with everyone, until reaching my relationship with the totality of all that