What is Cafh?

Cafh, as an organization, is a reunion of individuals dedicated to serving people. Its purpose is purely spiritual; Cafh does not spread dogmas or beliefs. Its mission is to help the members of Cafh and society to develop their consciousness, self-knowledge, and capacity to love.
Cafh offers both an individual path and a space where people who are seeking to broaden their vision of themselves and that of other human beings can share their experiences and their journey. With mutual support and the practice of our method and tools we generate a beneficial impact wherever we are, contributing through our own positive transformation.
Cafh helps us to develop our best human possibilities. The result is that we discover how to contribute more and more to the positive development of humanity and to the care of the planet in our daily lives.
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Cafh is also a meeting place, where committed individuals come together to explore their inner development and generate a positive impact on the world around them. Although its spiritual focus is fundamental, there are no impositions or dogmas here, and everyone is free to hold their own beliefs.
The purpose of Cafh is to guide you on your journey of self-discovery, helping you understand who you really are and also how you can increase your capacity to love and develop understanding. It is a personal adventure that you undertake with the support and friendship of others who are also seeking greater inner freedom.
With mutual support and by following the suggested practices, you could experience positive changes in your life and in the way you relate to the world. In summary, Cafh provides you with tools to stimulate your maximum potential and supports you in contributing significantly to the well-being of society and the care of the planet.
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A message from our director

What does the word Cafh mean?

Cafh is an ancient word that represents the strength or desire to connect with the divine; from the effort we make to achieve it to the help we receive to attain it.

What are the postulates and principles of Cafh?


Aprendemos ejercicios que nos ayudan a desarrollar nuevos hábitos de pensar sentir y realizar.


Estudiamos textos que condensan la sabiduría espiritual de nuestros predecesores.

Compartir ideas

Desarrollamos nuevas posibilidades para la evolucion del ser humano

How do I navigate my individual path in Cafh?


You learn practices that help you develop new habits of thinking, feeling, and acting, guided by an ethical and loving purpose. These practices and tools, adapted to your needs and circumstances, foster self-awareness and the expansion of consciousness.

Study and Teaching

You explore texts that summarize the spiritual wisdom of our ancestors. We delve into them, learning from ourselves and our peers, allowing the wisdom of the group to emerge.

Exchange of Ideas

You dialogue and experience living your conclusions in everyday life, creating new opportunities for human evolution. And the best part is that you can receive support from people with more experience on this journey.

We are present in more than 20 countries

Come closer and begin to transform yourself and the world.

Preguntas frecuentes

1. What does spiritual development involve according to Cafh?
It involves delving into the meaning of our existence beyond ourselves. It is about aligning our thoughts, feelings, and actions with what we truly long for in life.
It refers to living by prioritizing our spiritual values over others, such as considering the well-being of all humanity above our individual desires. It is a way of living that transforms our actions into a constant spiritual quest.
In Cafh, a way of life is offered that helps work on our inner selves to broaden our consciousness, but it does not focus on external stances to adhere to or defend.
En Cafh se trabaja en desarrollar una amistad que va más allá de los intereses personales, donde buscamos producir un sentido de unión en pro del bien de todos y la búsqueda del sentido profundo de la vida.
In Cafh, we work on developing friendships that go beyond personal interests, where we seek to produce a sense of unity for the good of all and the search for the deep meaning of life.
Although feeling good may be a consequence, this is not the main objective. The goal is to contribute from one’s own life to the evolution of humanity, where it is possible to generate abundance for all.
It is not complicated to participate in Cafh. Simply approach, converse, and decide. To stay and find meaning in the proposed process of internal development, it is necessary to have an attitude of transcendence, the will to contribute to the world and to be open to self-knowledge.
From one perspective, Cafh is a structured narrative, but each individual has the opportunity to internalize it and make it a living and real experience in their life.
Belief in something specific is not necessary. It is more important to recognize our own lack of knowledge on many issues and remain open to learning and growing in our spiritual development.

Welcome to this meeting point

We have endless opportunities.
Let’s walk together.