Do you want a better world? The choice is yours.

Nurture your inner environment and promote a positive change around you.

Our journey together starts here

We develop our consciousness to broaden our vision and include more realities.

What are we committed to?

We are committed to the spiritual advancement of human beings and to building a better future.
We believe that our contribution to discover and learn to harmonize with the spiritual laws that govern existence is fundamental; we do this through self-knowledge and for the good of all.

Founder of Cafh Santiago Bovisio with his family in 1955

The journey began in 1929

Santiago sailed from Italy to the Americas when he was 22 years old. He was carrying within him a teaching that endured through time. What knowledge had he received that propelled this young man with the necessary strength to start a new path?

In Argentina, he found his first companions. There he met Amelia, and together they formed the Bovisio family. The companions and their families were the foundation for the establishment of Cafh.

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