By Soledad Traverso

You have never heard this story because it has never been told. 
It is a story of links, a story of knots, a story of threads… 
invisible threads, a story of connections, invisible connections, unknown connections.

Once I asked you… Who are you?  You just looked at me in silence.  But I heard you.

Most of our connections occur in silence because silence is the means of the spirit.
Silence helps the soul flow from life to death and from death to life.  
Have you ever been able to see silence? It glides; it flows like thin air.
This is why I leave my inner door ajar for silence to lean into the wind,
letting our hair be slightly blown while silence whispers the sacred song of all times.
Your invisible smile.

Once, I told you that eons ago, I might have been a rock.  
That maybe I had been a plant before. 
Maybe I had been a tree.
Or even a cloud, a bird, a dog, a flea on a cat’s fur…
I am both the Universe and a speck of nothingness.

Do you remember when I told you that everything in the Cosmos is one Soul only?
It is such an immense ocean that nothing is outside of it,
and the most miraculous is that each soul brings a different viewpoint,
expanding the one Soul.
You doubted in silence and sighed.

The Universe has parts, but they all belong to the same body.
I once mentioned to you that the planets influence you and me.
I heard your silent laugh, and then we both laughed because it seemed so unreal.
But it is real.

What is harmony? It is the perfect dance of all parts of the Universe in all its multiplicity.
A dance of ideal interdependence.  
What is sadness? It is not being able to understand that everything is in interdependence.

Connections with the past and an unknown future.
And now, in the present, you come to me wrapped in silence,
invisible to others, not to me.
You are here because we are interconnected. 
You taught me about interdependence.

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