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Come and join us in Cafh activities that are offered near you and find out about those offered around the world. Practice meditation; come to retreats, conferences, courses and workshops.
Learn about the Method of Cafh and find out how to make real in yourself what you long to see in the world. Here you will find practices that foster self-knowledge and that you can apply in your own life.
Click here to listen to a message from the Spiritual Director of Cafh, José Luis Kutscherauer, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the foundation of Cafh, March 3, 1937. It invites us to value the essential work of Cafh, which is "not visible to the eyes": an inner work, a work of love.
Download here free copies of books from Cafh written by Mr. Jorge Waxemberg. Learn about a variety of topics that invite you to live life consciously and fully aware.