Messages from the Spiritual Director of Cafh

Every year Cafh members work on what is called Annual Mission. For 2018, the Director of Cafh invited us to deepen into the Mysticism of the Heart, which leads to transcend personal limits and makes possible the harmonious unfolding of the present state of consciousness. By cultivating our unfolding, source of peace and inner fulfillment, we effectively and directly collaborate with the peace in the world.

Annual Mission 2018

The Grand Master Knight of Cafh invites us this year to fulfill daily the following mission so that we may unfold with freedom to dedicate our energy to the realization of the Great Work.

Every night, before the retrospective examination, let us make the following invocation:

Divine Mother, help me to understand that in order to unfold I need to forget. Your call to forget does not mean I should erase from my memory all that has happened. It means that to attain the freedom I wish to live with, I need to disattach myself from the emotions which accompany each experience, so that I may live the present fully without the ties of the past.

Full Moon Assembly

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